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Fleur Resin 1:1 Super Transparent - 480ml

Fleur Resin 1:1 Super Transparent - 480ml

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Solvent-free, self-levelling, no VOC, UV-resistant, non-yellowing coating and casting resin ideal for achieving a high-gloss LIQUID GLASS EFFECT on any flat, non-absorbent surface. Use in a well-ventilated area. Perfect for tabletops, jewellery, silicone moulds, and artwork. The ideal depth of the pour is between 1 to 3 cm; for higher thickness pour more layers and let them dry between applications. Apply at temperatures between 21° and 29°C. Mix the two components in a single container in 1:1 proportion and stir slowly for three minutes. Allow to stand for two minutes and apply within 30-40 minutes. To eliminate air bubbles, apply some heat (for example, with a heat gun). For decorative effects, add Fleur Glitter, Pigments, and Dyes. Clean the tools with alcohol-based products.

Coverage: 0,48 m2 (thickness 1mm)