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Fleur Glitter

Introducing Fleur Powder Glitter Pigments: Elevate your craft projects with a touch of shimmer and elegance. These ultra-fine glitter pigments are a versatile addition to your creative toolkit.

Versatile Sparkle: Fleur Powder Glitter Pigments are designed to dazzle on any surface. Mix them effortlessly with Fleur colours, varnishes, or Fleur Super Clear Resin for endless creative possibilities.

Diverse Selection: Choose from a wide array of superfine colours and unique shapes to suit your artistic vision. Whether you're crafting jewellery, home décor, or artwork, these pigments are your secret to stunning results.

Customised Effects: Achieve your desired finish with ease. For full-colour impact, blend the Glitter with our Gloss Protective Varnish in a 1:1 ratio. For a subtle glaze, customise the mix ratio, going up to 50%, allowing you to control the intensity of your glittering masterpiece.

Captivating Sparkle: Watch your creations come to life as they catch and reflect the light. Fleur Powder Glitter Pigments add scintillating sparkles that are bound to catch everyone's eye.

Effortless Application: These pigments seamlessly integrate with water-based paints and varnishes, like the Fleur product range. For a quick and impactful touch, sprinkle them directly onto wet surfaces and watch the magic unfold.

Unleash your inner artist and transform ordinary into extraordinary with Fleur Powder Glitter Pigments. Elevate your projects with a touch of glittering enchantment.
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