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The laying off method in a few easy steps!

In my tutorial I show you how to apply the laying off method using Fusion Mineral Paint. The idea of this technique is that you “feather” the paint so that no visible marks remain once the paint is dry.

For this method I am using: 


1. As always, make sure to clean and prep your furniture. 

2. Really massage the roller into your paint.

Optional: The Fusion Extender can help get rid of brush strokes too. You put the equivalent of 3 teaspoons into a whole pint of paint. Or a couple of drops into the paint tray, and this will give you a lot more open time - time to play around with your paint before it dries.

3. Roll your paint across the grain of the wood working the colour right into your surface. 

Be generous with your paint at this stage too... you don’t your paint to dry before you’re finished!

4. Begin to use your roller to lay off with in the direction of the grain. 

5. Then get your Staalmeester brush in a 45 degree angle. This is because you’re not brushing the paint, but your tickling the surface with the brush. Drag the brush in the direction of the grain again. 

At first this won’t look great but keep on going as the results will prove once your project is dried! 

Let the paint dry and give it a very very light sand. 

This technique can be applied on all surfaces and not just tops, and can be used with the Fleur Paint range too!

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Happy painting...

Kate xx

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