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How to get a smooth paint finish - the laying off method

If you know me you know that I like to try and test different techniques and products. And to save you time, I share the process with you so that you don’t have to make all the mistakes for yourself! In this blog I’d like to give you an update on the laying off method

‘How do I avoid brushstrokes on my painted furniture’  - is a question I hear a lot! To which I respond, ‘the laying off method’ 

This is my favourite technique for ensuring a smooth paint finish, and something that I’ve tried and tested many times. 

* Disclaimer, this is probably the third time I’ve tweaked this technique! So if you’ve watched my process before then you’ll want to stay for my updates *

For this method you need: 

 Here's how it's done:

Things to note in the process: 

  • Get your roller completely and utterly soaked in paint! Be generous with the amount of paint you use on your roller.  Use the tray to roll off the excess. 
  • When rolling on your piece of furniture, don’t press the roller too hard because you’ll end up creating roller marks
  • Roll in the direction of the grain if you can. When the paint is on - go back over very lightly with the roller - end to end and with the direction of the grain
  • I don’t overlap the wet and the dry paint when rolling
  • Then when you’ve covered the whole surface, get a dry brush, hold it lightly at a 45 degree angle and tickle it down the grain. You are just trying to gently knock back any texture. 
  • If it goes wrong give it a light scuff sand and try again! 

  • When you have finished use the popsicle stick to scrape all the excess paint off the roller, you’ll be surprised how much paint you can save. 

Let me know if you have any questions either on here, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube... take your pick! I'm always around to help 

And most of all, make sure to have fun with it! 

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