Set of 3 CLH Artist Brushes – Colour Me KT

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Set of 3 CLH Artist Brushes - Colour Me KT

Set of 3 CLH Artist Brushes

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Introducing our Artist/Furniture Painters Brush Set, meticulously crafted by clh uk.™ (Chic Little Haven), tailored for various creative endeavors including:

- Furniture Painting and Upcycling
- Artistry
- Decorating
- Crafting
- DIY Projects
- Professional and Novice Artists
- Children's Activities
- Hobbyists
- Fabric Painting
- Face and Body Art
- Ceramics and Pottery

Crafted with premium soft nylon bristles and ergonomic wooden handles, our brush set offers unparalleled performance, including:

- No bristle shedding
- Flat brush design for precise cutting
- Smooth, stroke-free application
- Ideal for intricate detailing
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Retains shape even after repeated use
- Safe for use on face and body
- Child-friendly design

Suitable for various mediums, our brush set comes in three sizes:

- Small: 14mm bristle width, 195mm total length
- Medium: 22mm bristle width, 215mm total length
- Large: 26mm bristle width, 215mm total length

To ensure longevity and optimal performance, follow these care tips:

- Pre-wet brushes before use to prevent paint drying out.
- For water-based paints, clean brushes with warm soapy water, lathering soap against the palm and rinsing thoroughly. Reshape bristles with fingers and air dry flat or hanging with bristles pointing downwards.
- For oil-based paints, remove excess paint, clean with appropriate solvent, and follow the same cleaning instructions as above.