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Whitson’s Impasto Flexible Plaster
Whitson’s Impasto Flexible Plaster
Whitson’s Impasto Flexible Plaster
Whitson’s Impasto Flexible Plaster
Whitson’s Impasto Flexible Plaster

Whitson’s Impasto Flexible Plaster

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Whitson's Impasto Plaster is a super-versatile plaster capable of being used to create textured, embossed and low relief plaster finishes. 

Enhanced using Metallic Wax, Glaze or Normal Paint, the desired finish is only limited by the imagination of the artist or decorator.

Colours - Available in Neutral but easily tintable 

Protection - Apply Varnish or wax to create the desired effect.

Coverage – Will vary depending on depth - on average 1-2 sq metres per kilo.

This is a very flexible plaster which means that it can be applied to canvas, board and other off site installation panels and artwork. It requires no special priming but a substrate with an even  and low porosity will be best. If you are unsure about the substrate then a coat of diluted Normal Primer will even the porosity and ensure suitability.

Whitson's Impasto Plaster is a highly versatile product, specifically designed to allow the artist or decorative finisher to add texture to any interior decorative surface. It is easy to use, and comes in a neutral base which can be used as an off-white finish, or tinted with universal colourants. When dry, the product exhibits exceptional adhesion and flexibility, resulting in excellent wear characteristics and impact resistance. It can be used to create embossing and textured finishes, and can be overcoated with all paints and enhanced with glazes, waxes, gilding and protective topcoats. If desired, it can also be used as a finish without the need for further coatings, and it can even be polished in the same way as a lime plaster.
Suitable for application by trowel, spatula, sponge, roller and other specialist decorative tools to an optimum depth of no more than 1- 2mm at a time to avoid cracking. If you want to encourage cracking then thicker layers can be applied or force drying the plaster with a hairdryer will give a more dramatic effect. The versatility of this product provides the capacity to mimic the look of Venetian/Marmorino plaster, Stucco Antico, antique plaster, relief effects, washed smooth stone along with a myriad of unique techniques.
Due its exceptional flexibility this product is perfect for newbuild, and for off-site application of installation work. Because it flexes it can be applied to a variety of surfaces and shipped to site without concerns of delamination. Unlike lime-based plaster there is no concern with incompatibility with other products.
For thin spatula or trowel application, coverage will be 3-3.5m2/kg. When applying at a thickness of 1mm, coverage will be 0.56m2/kg.
As this is a clay and acrylic medium, any existing coatings should be overcoated with Whitson’s Superior Adhesion Primer. Any bare substrates should be sealed with a suitable primer.
For thin applications, the product dries in 20 – 30 minutes, however thicker films will take longer to dry. The product is ready for recoat once the film feels hard and no longer cold. To render the plaster scrubbable apply a good quality acrylic varnish such a Whitson’s Universal Lacquer.
After use cover the remaining plaster with plastic film, seal the container, and store in a cool dry place. By doing so this material will keep for up 1 year. Unopened packs have a shelf life of 24 months when stored in the same conditions.
Clean up and dilution is with water.
Impasto Plaster is currently stocked in a Neutral Base (which can be tinted or used as an off-white)