Damask - Bold yet Muted Mauve - Fusion Mineral Paint – Colour Me KT

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Damask 2018 - Colour Me KT
Damask 2018 - Colour Me KT
Damask 2018 - Colour Me KT

Damask - Fusion Mineral Paint

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Back by popular demand !

Damask - a modern neutral.

The 2018 version is a shade or two lighter than the orginal Damask.

Damask is a bold yet muted mauve that goes well with earthy neutrals like Algonquin and Cathedral Taupe, and perfect with neutral whites such as Champlain or Raw Silk.  It also pairs well with our greys like Sterling or Little Lamb and even muted blues like Heirloom. 

Feel like you want to give it a little more edge? Damask is stunning when distressed over our Chocolate or Coal Black and is originally from Homestead House’s Gothic & Italianate Collection from over 20 years ago.