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Cling on! Brush Pointed PS10

Cling on! Brush Pointed PS10

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Cling On! Brush - PS10 Point Brush

Extra extra small pointed brush
Diameter: 0.8" (20mm) 
Filaments length: 2" (55mm)
Handle: 6,3" (160mm)


Cling On brushes come in 7 shapes: Point, Round, Oval, Flat Bent, Block and Shorty. The brushes are extremely durable, have the best shape retention, can be used with all water based products, are easy to clean,

are superb with cutting in, and provide a better coverage with a smoother finish.



-Always wet your Cling On Brush before using, this allows the filaments to to absorb the water, not your paint and allows for much easier flow and easier cleaning. Keep your brush wet! This takes some getting used to, but, if you can keep a bucket of water next to you when you paint and re wet your brush from time to time. Dab off excess on a paper towel to get the excess water off and continue to paint.
-DO NOT REMOVE THE STRINGS, these will help keep your brushes in tip top shape
-DO NOT wrap your brush in plastic wrap or plastic bag
-To clean, you can put your brush in a jar of water, not up past the ferrule (metal part) try to not let it sit on the bottom of the container. Let it rest like this between coats and when you go to use again just take excess water off and paint. To clean, just use water and if you want to keep your brush in tip top shape you can use a good quality brush soap such as Fusions.