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Un1co 1 Coat Stain and Finishing Oil

Product description:

A 1-coat oil from the newest generation using renewable natural oils. Thanks to its special technology, you only need one coat to finish your wood.  The combination of the oil with the hardener results in a fast drying and excellent chemical and mechanical resistant finish.

Created for floors and is more than durable enough for furniture.

COVERAGE 6-7m2 when mixed with the hardener. 


PREPARATION Sand the surface with grain 100-120 and remove afterwards the sanding dust.

TIP: for a more intensive coloring of the wood, slightly wetten the wood first. USER TIPS Mix the oil with the hardener (100/30) and let the product rest for about 10 minutes. UN1CO can be applied with a white or beige pad, by brush, cloth or sponge. Let the product dry for a few minutes. and remove the superfluous oil within 15 minutes with a white pad or cloth until the surface doesn’t stick anymore. Check afterwards if the surface feels hand dry.

DRYING TIMES Slightly walkable after 24 hours drying depending on the type of wood, the temperature, the humidity.

ATTENTION : UN1CO needs up to 2 weeks to fully cure. Don’t use any water or maintenance products on the wood during this period.

PRODUCT INFORMATION Shelf life : 1 year in original and un-opened original packaging.

Potlife : +/- 3 hours when mixed with the hardener. Storage frostfree.

SPECIAL QUALITIES Dried and used cloths or pads should be plunged in water because of the danger for spontaneous combustion.

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