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How to use the Fleur Pouring Medium

If you want to create a piece that oozes colour, either with an abstract, marble or dripping effect… then the Fleur Pouring Medium is your product!!

Fleur has three base pouring mediums.

1. The Classic Pouring Medium

The classic pouring medium keeps the colours separate. so there’s no mixing of each of the colours.

2. The Marble Pouring Medium

Which gives you a slight bleed from one colour into the other which gives it more of a matt effect.

3. The Oxidising Medium

This is s a speciality product that you use with their reactive coppers and rusts.

This Oxidising pour takes time to work and activate. On my first time using it I only noticed the results when I returned to my workshop the next day!


Choose your pouring medium and the colour paints you wish to mix.

We recommend the chalky paint range, but you can mix with the eggshell too! What’s great about the chalky, you have the pick of 80 different colours. They come in small jars too, and once mixed with the liquidiy medium you will find this gives you more than enough for a new project.


Mix the pouring medium with your chosen colour on a 50:50 ratio. Really make sure that you have mixed your paints well - especially with the metallics as you will find all of the pigments are at the bottom.

Tip: Always use a metallic for one of your chosen colours. As it’s a different weight, it will give you a better results.


To begin, you should wet your surface with one of your colours so you have a nice slip coat. A paint brush can be used to rub this first layer on. But I’d recommend using a glove as it gives you more control in ensuring this is just a thin spread to your surface.


Decide how you’d like to apply! There’s a few different ways you can do this, for instance you can start in the middle and pour in circles (done in my example above with the Oxidising Pour)

You can also overlap your colours. To imitate the marble look you can pour in a diagonal way. Or you can simply have a play about!

Tip: You can do something which I like to call a dirty pour. This is where you firstly mix all of the colours together in a jar. However, I would suggest only doing this with the classic medium, as that’s where you can be sure to see a separation in the colours when you go to pour from your jug.


Tip your surface! Forward, backwards, left or right… you choose!

You do have a lot of open time with this product. so please do not worry too much about rushing the process.

As you continue to tip the surface and watch the colours mix and take effect, you can the determine if more colours are needed to be poured.

Tip: At this stage you can put some pure cell medium in a spray bottle and spray on any areas you’d like to see more separation. It gives off an almost hammered effect.

And there you have it! Head over to my Facebook and Instagram page where you can get more live demos like this one. Also, I’d love to see your painting projects, so feel free to give me a tag!