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How to use Homestead House Milk Paint

How to use Homestead House Milk Paint: A Vibrant DIY Guide on Painting The Inside Drawers

Are you tired of dull, stained drawer interiors? Want to add a pop of colour that's both fun and easy? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll explore a fantastic technique for painting the inside of drawers using Homestead House Milk Paint in the lively shade of Beret. No more boring drawers – let's make them vibrant!

Why Milk Paint?

Before we dive into the process, let's talk about why milk paint is the perfect choice for this project. Homestead House, the company behind Fusion Mineral Paint, has been crafting milk paint for over three decades. Their expertise ensures a quality product that delivers stunning results.

Choosing the Right Colour

The first step in transforming your drawer interiors is selecting the perfect colour. In the tutorial, I opt for Homestead House's Beret – a bright pink hue that promises to make a statement. With milk paint, you have the freedom to experiment with colour without worrying about brush strokes, thanks to its smooth finish.

Mixing and Application

Now, onto the fun part – mixing the paint! While precise measurements are recommended, you can also take a more relaxed approach and "wing it." I like to mix the paint to a thick wash consistency, making it ideal for quick and easy application.

Using a pointed sash brush, the paint will apply generously to the drawer interior. The vibrant colour immediately transforms the space, covering stains and imperfections with ease. Plus, milk paint dries without leaving behind any unsightly brush strokes, ensuring a seamless finish.

Enhancing the Finish

Once the paint is dry, it's time to enhance the finish. While milk paint doesn't require sealing, adding a topcoat like wax or Tough Coat can intensify the colour and provide extra durability. This step truly makes the color "pop," revealing its full potential.

Tips and Tricks

  • Experiment with milk paint as a wash for a subtle hint of color.
  • Consider using milk paint for wood staining to achieve unique, natural-looking finishes.
  • Embrace the durability of milk paint, which bonds with the wood fibers for long-lasting results.

Final Touches

To complete the transformation, I always add hemp oil to the painted surface, showcasing its incredible texture and depth. The result? A stunning drawer interior that's as beautiful as it is functional.


With Homestead House Milk Paint, painting the inside of drawers has never been easier – or more exciting! Whether you're refreshing old furniture or adding a personal touch to a DIY project, the possibilities are endless. So, grab your paintbrush and let your creativity shine!

Are you ready to give your drawers a vibrant makeover? Share your thoughts and creations over on our Facebook page! And don't forget to check out the finished pictures for inspiration. Happy painting!