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How to use - Cashmere and Bronze Glaze

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day. I have been asked by Fusion Mineral Paint to show you their new colours, I have actually painted a new piece of furniture with them, so I will show you that too!

One of the colours I was given was Cashmere. I have also got some other colours and will show you how Cashmere compares to them. 

I think it's quite pretty, what do you think?!

So.. Cashmere! This is a really unusual colour. It reminds me a bit of putty. It's neutral; it's not white, yellow or grey. It has brilliant coverage. Two coats, and you're done.

I did a couple of coats with this as a base, and then after that, I messed around with some glaze and my favourite Fusion Metallic, which is Bronze. I love the way it "antiques" it. 

When I used the Bronze glaze, I used various techniques. So, in some of the areas, I brushed it, and in others, I did the sponging that I quite like doing. 

This piece was in quite bad condition, so sponging was a great technique to use. 

Then, I went back afterwards and wanted to highlight with the Cashmere, so there was a relationship with the Cashmere, the Bronze, and the Bronze and Cashmere mixed together, and then I went back in at the end and did some dry brushing with Cashmere. 

I think it almost looks like bone! 

If you skip to 05:50 in the video below, you will see how Cashmere compares to the other lovely colours.  


Be sure to let me know how you get on with these techniques and what you think of the new colours. 

Don't forget to tag me in your masterpieces, and for more ideas on getting creative with your furniture, follow my Facebook and Instagram pages and feel free to ask any questions you have!