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How to create an antique finish with the Fusion Crackle Texture

If you love the look of antique furniture then you are going to love the results created from the Fusion Crackle Texture. I’m super excited to show you how to use our Fusion Crackle Texture to recreate that wonderful antique look of aged paint.



Crackle Texture With Colour Me KT

Posted by Fusion Mineral Paint on Friday, 10 January 2020


In this particular tutorial, I’ve tested my crackle product with mouldings. As the moulds are a great accessory to any furniture, this combined with the crackle is perfect for adding an extra dimension to any feature.

The products you will need to create this look are:


Here’s my first tip… The thicker you put the medium on, the bigger the cracks will be!

If you are trying to achieve an old look to your furniture, I would also suggest you to build this look up in layers. My two favourite looks are done by applying a colour glaze onto the crackle, and/or applying coloured waxes after (don’t forget wax is always last).


Pour the crackle texture on to your feature straight from the container. Using a Staalmeester pointed sash brush, dab the crackle texture into your furniture. This brush is a great way to get into all the fine cracks of your wood, especially if you have already applied your mouldings. Cracks aren’t always going to be consistent in size, so this brush also allows for the authentic texture.


Leave your texture to dry for 24 hours (you can speed up the process by using a hairdryer too!).


If you’re trying to achieve an old look to your furniture then these two options work perfectly.

  1. Apply a glaze with any colour paint of your choice (including metallics). Remember to stick to the 1:4 rule, which is 1 part paint to 4 parts glaze, and apply the glaze on the crackle with a paint brush. Make sure to wipe the product back with a cloth afterwards to reveal the original paint colour, including the crackle detail!
  2. or apply wax (I used the antiquing furniture wax) with a cloth. Rub a thin layer of this onto the product. You can also use say a metallic Pearl wax to highlight areas.

If you have any questions, head over to my Facebook page and feel free to drop me a message. You can find the original video here where you’re more than welcome to shoot over any questions you have!



Products used

To achieve this look I used the following products, available in store: