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Copper Patina, Fleur Metallics and Masking Tape!

I wanted to show how amazing the Fleur metallics are, and how well they work with masking tape! You know you have a good paint when you can easily peel off masking tape, which I can confirm worked really well using this range of Fleur paints.

I’ve been working on this cocktail cabinet, my aim was to make it reasonably plain on the outside with a fun party look on the inside.

This look was achieved by using

I was really excited to try out a design using masking tape, especially as I’ve always seen Nicky Cash do this in the past so well. So I’m pretty thrilled that I’ve finally had the chance to give it a go!

I have painted the inside of the cabinet with Fleur’s Copper Club, which is also the base colour of the inside of the doors. Using natural sea sponges, I dabbed lots of different metallics and black over the tape.

When achieving this type of design, make sure the background colour is an obvious contrasting colour from what you decide to paint on top with as you will want to make sure that your masking tape reveal is as obvious as possible (few examples on my video below on what not to do!).

When you go to dab on your colours with your sea sponge, I would recommend leaving each colour to dry as you will get more definition. However if you want more of a blend then there’s no need to leave it for roughly 24 hours in between each colour.

For the black base colour on the outside of the cabinet, I applied one coat of Black Eggshell and one coat of Black Chalky Look.

The Fleur range really does have a beautiful range of Metallic and Pearl Paint colours that you can use


 View the full range here


Watch my video which explains all...